Service centre of Panasonic in Mumbai


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Oct 7, 2008
Please note that when I went through the website of Panasonic India, I found a Godrej & Boyce number (When i called them they had no idea that they were associated with Panasonic Plasmas..!!!!)....??? and one VISUAL TECHNOLOGIES in Jogeshwari (W) - (did not call them though) are there only 2 service centres in Mumbai...???(see link...

And the Where-to-buy section for Mumbai had the Godrej & Boyce location and not surprisingly when I called them........they had no idea they had an association with Panasonic...!!
see link below...

Regarding Burn-in problem of Plasma TV, I have a question - I use Tata Sky for TV and there is a LOGO of Tata sky at the bottom right of the screen which appears in all the channels.......does that mean when I view the TV (different channels) for say more than 5 hours continuously(it happens on holidays) , is it a risk of causing a burn-in...?
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