Service Technician Required for Onkyo TX-SR805 AV Receiver in Chennai


Dec 19, 2020
Navi Mumbai
All --

Sending this post on behalf of my friend who owns an Onkyo TX-SR805 AV Receiver which is currently being used in a 5.1 configuration for Movie duties. This AV receiver is built like a tank and was bought from the US.

He is currently based out of Anna Nagar, Chennai.

The sub-woofer (Speakers and Sub-woofer are from Jamo) has started giving some loud noises. Initial diagnosis from Jamo seems to suggest issue with the AV Receiver.

Are there any reliable technicians in and around Chennai who can help diagnose and fix the problem. He prefers the technician to come to his residence and diagnose / fix them ?

Alternatively if there an official Onkyo Service Center based out of Chennai which is reliable and if any of our FM's have used their services in the past, I can ask my friend to visit them ? That would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.
Contact Mr.Vijayan - 98412 82784. He is based in K K Nagar, Chennai and has a service shop there. I have personally serviced couple of AVR's from him and he is a expert in servicing Onkyo AVR's. He does makes house visit. I can personally vouch for Mr. Vijayan, a very soft spoken gentleman.
Some old school Onkyo AVRs have a problem where they start making noises in the background of the speakers. It is particular to certain models only and is officially referred to in the user manual as not a defect. Switching certain modes off or certain other settings mitigates the problem. Kindly check your user manual. I have an Onkyo Integra 898 fully working with a similar thing. But it sounds awesome.
Thanks Vinod R and Mathan.

Mr Vijayan made a visit to my friend house in Anna Nagar and fixed the problem with his Onkyo Receiver. There was a cable fault which was causing the issue. A very nice Gentleman indeed.

Thank you once again for recommending Mr Vijayan.

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