Setting up the Yamaha Receiver RX-V3900: Questions


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Dec 7, 2008
Thanks to this forum, I have finally taken the leap of faith and plonked a lot of $$ on the Yamaha RX-V3900 (got a good deal in Dubai) and on Focal JMLab Dome 5.1 speakers. Now, the setup includes:
  • Yamaha AV Receiver
  • Focal Dome 5.1 speakers
  • Samsung 1080PK DVD Player
  • PS3
  • Tatasky STB (not the plus)
  • 1TB Hard Disk with AVI files, MP3s and JPEGs

While I wait for the receiver to arrive next week (this is tough!), I am saddled with queries;
1. What is the best way to connect the various components? Each component provides various options, and I can go out and pick up some cables to do whatever is required.

2. Any advice on sequence of steps to set up the receiver? What to do first, and what to do later? and importantly, what NOT to do?

3. Are there any user experiences on the forum or any other site which narrate actual user experience of setitng up the receiver?

Thanks all; and I hope to share my experience with members @ hifivision.

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