Should I buy receiver and 5.1 speakers in Dubai? help me..


Oct 6, 2007
Hi Exeprties,
After long search for my perfect hometheatre system which will rock the music as well as movies both, I found this following setup:

1: Receiver: Onkyo TX-Sr505 7.1 AV receiver (3 HDMI inputs/1 output)
2: 5:1 Speakers: Jamo S606HCS3 with Active sub300

even for this unit "What HI- FI sound and vision"Magazine rated with 5 stars.

In dubai this entire unit costs AED 2990 (around 3300 rs) , which I guess is very resonable than indian cost (I think only Onkyo TX-Sr505 7.1 AV receiver costs around 24500 rs as per Home Theater Speaker Amplifier DVD Plasma Car PC DJ Audio Video which is very costly and also this jamo 5.1 package is of 57,000 rs as per eBay India: Jamo S606 5.1 Home theater Speakers Sub 200 subwoofer (item 140198901211 end time 14-Feb-2008 06:03:08 IST)). This differenc is too much, how it can be possible? Should I buy this system in dubai and take it to india (Mumbai), then how much the cost will increased (I want just apporx figure)?

Anybody has this receiver and speakers? if yes can you share the cost of this setup or seperate cost for each of them in india..?

I have just fallen in love with this system..I know I have heard somebody in this forum praised the Jamo 606.but dont know the cost of it..

Should I go ahead I buy this system..? (but I am still afraid to take it to India..dont know it would be perfectly delivered or not :( )

Waiting for your reply.
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Can ypu please tell and give me the link of the shop in dubai where i can buy Receiver and speaker system.?
I had seen this setup at Mall of emirates, IBN Battuta mall. But that time Dubai shopping festival was there (I think it was till 24 feb), thats why the rates was so down and unluckily I also was not able to buy this setup.

So you can try your luck,
All the best
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