Should I buy Yamaha YTH 195?


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Mar 29, 2009
Hi everyone.. I am new here and am evaluating an entry level Home Theatre. I looked at Yamaha YTH 195 which delivered a pretty good performance. I have also auditioned Sony DAV D370 and one other Samsung and Panasonic HTiB models which didnt impress.

So could some one help me on whether the YTH 195 is worth a buy?

any help will be much appreciated!

hi ashuban,
Welcome to the forum, here you can get any details, reviews, comments about any systems in which the experts here in this forum will all sure help you.

For sony, just strike it from your list. As it is a very complicated and problematic HTIBs available, coz its a in-built DVD player and AMPLIFIER model. Its paper specification may be well or it can sound good too for some one, who never heard the 5.1 sound. After some years or sooner the DVD player will show the bizbang actions which you have not seen before like problems. After some services done for DVD player to work well and then the problem works very well repeatedly. Then, if you wish to connect a new DVD player to the sony AMPLIFIER, you cannot able connect it in the sony AMPLIFIER becoz it does not have any 5.1 analog inputs or any digital inputs to decode the audio from the new DVD player. And then your AMPLIFIER will also be useless to connect any external sources like DVD players. AND coming to the sony speakers its normally 3 ohms impedance peakers. You cant also connect the speakers to the brand AVRs, bcoz most other brand AVRs support only from 4 ohms speakers to 8 ohms or 12 ohms only. So connecting the sony speakers will damage the other brand AVRs bcoz of lesser ohms. you landed here for the eperts suggestions, so go for a better one.
For yamaha its like all are seperated. The AVR comes in the package YHT-195 is 5.1 channel a/v receiver. 5x110 watts rms at 8 ohms, 5x135 watts rms at 6 ohms, 5x150 watts rms at 4 ohms. Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) 20hz - 20khz is 0.06%. HDMI (2 inputs/1 outputs) 1080p compatible, Audio Digital inputs(optical-2/coaxial-1), weight-8kgs. The speakers all are 6 ohms impedance. So, its very easy to mixmatch with any brands AVR when you go for a upgrade. VFM go for a YHT-195. Its very good option for you as a videophile bigginer.

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