Siticable vs Tata Sky vs Airtel Digitel TV


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Sep 19, 2009

I am in the process of picking the cable provider for watching cable content on my full HD LCD tv. I live in Bangalore near JP Nagar.

Just wanted to see what you guys think about the right cable service. here are my thoughts:

Airtel: Heard a lot of complaints about it. Also, apparently some challenges in costing as well as transmission? Hence, not considering it actively.

Tata: Loved the initial Tata Sky service that I used to watch in my Hostel. So, wouldnt mind going back to them. But Tata Sky+ seems very highly prices. Rs. 5000 (in offer) for the instrument + over Rs. 3500 for annual subscription for the channels I like takes the total cost per year in the Rs. 9000 - 10000 range, which seems too high.

Siticable: Rs. 800 for the box + Rs. 2200 for annual subscription seems pretty affordable for a years viewing. But dont know the reliability of the service as well as the quality of signal from the SET TOP box.

Others: I have not been able to get to Hathway. None of the numebers given on their site works. Looks like they dont really need customers! I really liked their service in Hyd, but looks like its a different picture here in Bangalore. Dont want to fo to Dish and others, as Customer Service seems to be an issue.

What are your recommendations? Especially any thoughts/inputs on Siticable?

Please suggest.

~ Praveen
What complaints about Airtel ?. I would like to think that its the best of lot currently, unless you specifically want tata sky+ functionality.

I totally recommend digitalTV over all other alternatives. However, i am not so sure with the latest prices so.....
Hello avenger

I think u should go for any one of the present generation DTH service providers.A/Vquality of all the DTH service providers are definately better than the old cablewalla.
The customer care of all are also more or less the same.In fact here in India after sales support of most of the companies is pathetic.Companies run after you to purchase their goods or services but once you become their customer you have to keep on running after them till the time you are using the product or service.

Go for any DTH service tata sky,reliance,sun,videocon etc.They are all the same.
Airtel+ gives u an advantage of storing the TV channels for later viewing.They charge for a DVR which is capable of recording the TV channels.That's why their cost is high.
You can go ahead and buy during this diwali season as the costs are very low.All the best for your purchase.
Check for BIGTV DTH also. Its picture quality is superior than other. It got Component outs as well.

Downside is pathetic website and some say poor customer care, I didn't face it though.
Cost of new TATAsky settop is for Rs.1700 max & is MPEG4 compatable.
Videocon too came with D2H service.
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