So far Epos ELS-3's are my favorites


New Member
Jan 14, 2009
berkeley, ca
I bought a new house with a small front room. I used to have some Klipsch La Scalas with some ALK engineering x-overs. My preamp and amp were kit made Transcendent Sound. Very nice but way too big.

I ended up getting Epos ELS-3 speakers. The tube amp I was using was way too underpowered for them, it was a SE OTL amp which produced only 1.5 watts of power, so I found a Creek A42 power amp on ebay.

The combo Creek and Epos speakers really rock and sound great. I do not know how the Epos speakers sound on other amps, but I believe the ELS-3 are pretty darn good, and I've seen them on sale for $399 or less.

Much better than the PSB, the NHT, Polks, etc...
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