Sony 46EX400 or Samsung 46B550


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Jan 3, 2010
Just got a glimpse and a short demo of the Sony 46EX400...and i am not very much impressed by it.It was good with colour, and motion handling was a good deal better than the V series that it replaces.But for a 900USD priced product, the pricing here was around 89k(final price 85k).

and since Samsung have stopped stocking 6 or 7 series LCDs, the only option from their side in my budget @ 46 inches is the 46B550 at around 75-78k with a free 5.1 HT system.

I am damn confused since there are no reviews out on the above mentioned Sony model to know whether it is a good purchase or not.So, what is the best thing to do?
I was also in the similar dilemma between Sony KLV40V550 and Samsung 40B550. I was leaning towards Sony V series. But by the time I made up my mind, V series was out of stock and new series BX and EX was there which replaced A series and V series.

I didn't like EX series much as compared to V series. Personally I felt that sony has reduced features and compromised with quality a bit to reduce cost. The same thing I felt with Sony digital camera. I have taken many damn good photographs with Sony Cybershot W220 which is a 12.1 MP camera. Recently, I had to buy a camera for my parents and I wanted to buy the same camera, the sales person informed me that sony is phaing out this model and has launched an upgraded version of the same model W320 with 14.1 MP. I bought W320 based on my prior good experiance with W220. However, I noticed that my W220 takes much better picture then this newer model.

As far as LCD is concerned, I bought Samsung 40B550 and so far I am enjoying the PQ a lot. I must say its a decent model for its price. However, if you are going to use your LCD for gaming, then go for higher models with atleast 100Hz.

Finally, its you who have to watch your LCD and your eyes are the best judge. Better take a DVD of your choice, play it on both the LCDs with same player and check the PQ. Also, check the PQ of both model on SD content, coz almost all models perform well with HD content but gets exposed while playing SD contents.

wish you good luck. :)
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