Sony AVR AMPs: Where to buy?


New Member
Jun 24, 2009
New Delhi
Hello friends,

Where can i purchase Sony STR-DA5400ES from in New Delhi????

What price???

Any suggestionss


Siddharth Sekhri
1) I s this amp is showing on sony india site? I am not able to locate
2) If it is not on site contact sony india
3) Sony advertised some HI END Receivers but I never saw one i an showroon - Sony's Receiver Speaker packages are also displayed in bigger showrooms/sony world only!
4) Some products are available in their flagship stores only
5) Sony worldwide have many products and In india a small selectionof it is available
6) From where you got this model's referance?
7) If it is intrnational model it is very DIFFICULT to get in india....In fact I NEVER saw any Sony receiver in grey! They have almost 0 presence in receivers( biggest joke is Sony was no 1 in HTIBS' -6-7 month's back!)
8) Looking at 0 presence I will not advise to Import it as getting it repaired will be impossible!
9) Sony always relese region specific models especially Japanese,US & UK market
10) In dubai where Sony was ( I think still is) no 1 brand represented by Jumbo a limited selction of Sony products was available .I worked for Jumbo
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