Sony Master Series TV range : AF9 OLED & ZF9 LCD


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Jul 29, 2016

Sony is taking the unusual step of launching new TV models in the middle of summer. The company announced updated OLED and LCD 4K HDR TVs back at CES, but it’s not quite done for this year. At an event today in New York City that had the tagline “a masterpiece unveiled,” Sony Electronics president and COO Mike Fasulo said the company’s new flagship sets — called the Master Series — are designed to preserve and showcase a creator’s intent “from lens to living room.”

“The Master Series provides image quality approaching that of a professional monitor in a production studio,” said Kazuo Kii, who oversees Sony’s TV business, adding that it’s “the best of the best.” There are two models of the Master Series, the A9F (OLED) and Z9F (LED). It includes the new X1 Ultimate picture processor — the most powerful chip Sony has put in a TV yet — which the company first showed in prototype form at CES.

Fasulo said that Sony has worked with Portrait Displays and SpectraCal to ensure optimal calibration and picture performance. And the company has also collaborated with Netflix on a new “Netflix Calibrated Mode” that’s meant to indicate you’re seeing the image exactly as intended — as it would on a fancy display meant for grading and post-processing.

Aside from picture refinements, the A9F OLED model also improves upon sound and Sony’s Acoustic Surface speaker system by adding a center actuator and a subwoofer channel, which results in the TV being able to produce 3.1 audio on its own. The Z9F promises near-flawless viewing angles and best-in-class motion clarity and smoothness.

They are now listed on the Sony India page, hope the pricing is not too much above the current A8F...
I was interested in the Z9F but that pricing just put me out of the list.
yes ,sony is just meling money in the name of master series ,infact now audio & video is becoming costly affair for high end models even sony 8500 led is 1.8 lakh ,to be loyal to sony for middle class is like having extramarital affair :p;);) ,we cant stop dreaming and if fallen in trap we have to maintain :rolleyes:
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