Soon it will be Christmas Day!


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Jul 14, 2009
Hi everyone,

Its the month of Christmas. Time to play all the Christmas Carols. I remember as a kid in the 80s how mom & dad used to play Christmas carols on our National Panasonic 2 in 1.This player was very famous in those days, we still have it & those old cassettes from the Seventies & Eighties are still lying in the drawer collecting dust. Now CDs have replaced them.
My favorite carols were & are :-
1.Silver Bells
2.White Christmas
3.Rockin around the Christmas Tree
4.Jingle Bell Rock
5.Silent Night
6.Oh! Holy night (I like the Chorus when it touches the high notes)
7.What will you give Me for Christmas
8.Run with torches
9.O come all ye faithful
And the list goes on

I invite all to share your Christmas memories/favorite carols.

Let us spread Love, Joy, Peace & Happiness this Christmas.

Jesus said I am the Way, the Truth & the Life, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness


christmas is the best time of the year for me. i think i live for it :). started listening to carols more than a month ago. there are quite a few nice songs and different versions by various singers. some of my fav singers for carols are mariah carey, celine dion, sarah mclachlan, josh groban, michael buble....
thanks francis!

will take out all my christmas lps and clean em and play from the weekend. nothing like the chill in the evening air and you sitting snug at home listening to carols.

irving berlin's white christmas.. written by an agnostic yet lovely! :)

cassettes lying in drawers too. replaced by cds. now replaced by lps :D back to square one!

favourites are the old traditional ones not the remixes by modern artists. or at least i mean sung the traditional way with the traditional melody.

i love christmas. growing up in Kerala (Kottayam), where christmas is celebrated by pretty much everyone irrespective of religion , christmas has always been the most special of festivals for me. Also it means presents....and I love presents....getting them and giving them......I love cake.....and yes....carols....carols are the best part.

I am trying to wangle a blu-ray player or a WDTV Live as a christmas + birthday present from the wife (birthday in january)
can anyone recommend good choral recordings of christmas carols on CD? thanks in advance. I don't want the modern stuff with guitars and bass and drums and all....i want pure choral stuff.....
Thanks guys for the response.Let the Christmas Spirit roll in:yahoo:

Psychotropic, I have a recording of Christmas Carols sung by a Chilldren's Choir, no drums no bass, just the Piano & the Choir. Sounds Angelic! I got this recording from my friend, unfortunatley forgot to write the Singers & Albums name:sad: If possible I'll try to find out who the singers are.

I just love Christmas.It's that time of the year when I take out all my Music Notations of my favorite Carols & play on my Yamaha Keyboard.I love the song Silver Bells, really brings that Christmassy feeling.:)

The other best part are the sweets :licklips: my wife will be making all the goodies chocolates, cakes ..... I just love the taste of the Soft Rich Plum cake.. yummmmy!

Thats all 4 now guys just rushing to the fridge, can't wait anymore!!


My personal favourite
Crystal Clear Christmas by The Joy Circuit
I had the cassette, now looking for the cd. Somebody is hunting it down in US for me right now. I really love this one even on my old cassette.:yahoo:
Music of Christmas by Percy Faith and His Orchestra
I had the cassette from CBS, now I have the LP. Sounds great. I almost play it every day starting from Dec.1st. I know it's an overkill but still love it as it gives me back my childhood memories.:yahoo:
The best part is it makes me remember my father as both were bought by him when I was in school. I bought the lp and gave it to my daughter last year. I think those two recordings have made a permanent mark on me and I hope it does the same for my daughter.
Well 20 days to go. Cheers:clapping:

1. merry christmas - bing crosby

2. jim reeves - twelve songs of christmas

3. kenny rogers & dolly parton - once upon a christmas

4. christmas with the everly brothers and the boys town choir

5. the christmas sound of music - glen campbell, nat king cole, al martino, peggy lee and others

6. the malcolm sargent carol record, the royal choral society

7. the christmas song book - kamahl, nana mouskouri, dusty springfield, the blind girls choral society and a few german guys

8. christmas singing - the gunter kallmann choir

9. the sinatra christmas album

10. julie andrews with orchestra and arrangements of andre previn

11. the mormon tabernacle choir, the columbia brass and percussion ensemble

12. great songs of christmas - andy williams, cleveland orchestra, robert goulet, robert leeman playing two australian carols, vladimir horowitz, barbra streisand among others.

now to clean em today and then spin em tomorrow onwards!!!! :)
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Christmas brings joy to life, and also joy to purchase AV related products.:licklips:

The reason being, i'm getting my bluray player Pioneer BDP-120 for 200AUD, i.e roughly for Rs.8500/-:yahoo:, my parents are coming back from Australia on Jan 5th'10 along with my "THREE CHEERS TO CHRISTMAS".

I'll add a few more artistes whose Christmas albums give me a lot of pleasure:

The Carpenters
Linda Ronstadt
Barbra Streisand


PS Love Christmas festivities and the good times continue until this week!
Even though it's past Christmas and in the early hours of the New Year, there are still carols that I will be listening to till the 6th of Jan.

I've got the following on CD:

Bing Crosby - Christmas is A Comin'
Frank Sinatra - The Sinatra Christmas Album
Nat King Cole - The Nat King Cole Christmas Album
Christmas Singin' - The Gunter Kallmann Choir
Boney M - Die 20 SchonstenWeihnactsleider Der Welt
Kenny G - Miracles
A Merry Mancini Christmas - Henry Mancini, His Orchestra & Chorus
The Carpenters - Christmas Collection (2 CD album)


That's not counting the sheer variety of mp3s that I have picked up from all over the place. :yahoo:

Oh and here's something I want to share even though it's a bit late:

YouTube - Tina Arena - 2007 Carols In The Domain - Silent Night

That's Tina Arena singing Silent Night (click the watch on youtube link).
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