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Jan 26, 2009
dear friends i m new in the forum.
i want to buy a good home theater system. But i m having very limited space to install a system( I wanted to install in my bed room only Size is 13'X 12') i ve a 32'' panasonic LCD). Some body in the market suggest me to buy a sound bar ie philips hts 8140 or hts 6100.i ve seen philips hts 3569 also which is a 5.1 HTS.but for space point of view sound bar suits me. But i m doubtful about the quality of sound whether it is as good as of 3569 or not . they are (philips people )claiming better.
please suggest me ! whether i should go for sound bar or not? !! if yes then which one among 8140/6100 is good.( price difference is much) .
plese give me advice. thanx to all .
please ignore the gramatical mistakes.

I have seen/auditioned soundbars from both Philips and Yamaha. Philips in fact was on the higher side and better in terms of SQ too, but overall not really VFM. If space is a constraint then you can consider going for bookshelves and wall mounting them. If this is ok then lots of suggestions for BS too can be made. Soundbar will be so so in terms of SQ and lots of other factors too to consider like wall and reflective surfaces for improved SQ, etc. They will be good for limited space, but SQ will be average when compared to BS or even an entry level 5.1 speaker system.
hi moserw, thank u very much
can u tell me something about bookshelves exactly what they are.i didnt find any thing like bookshelves in the marketwhat is the funda about this
For your situation, a Sound Bar is a GREAT option ..... If placed towards the centre of the wall.

If placed towards a Corner, the reflected sound is diffused and the rear channels will not sound like they are distinctly comming from the rear.

Bookshelf speakers are nothing but the speakers which you see in common stereo systems. They are something which can be kept on a book shelf. Also called stand mount which can be mounted on stands. ( They come as a pair without systems and others )

Basically you get them from Rs 7000/- to unbelivable more than 70000/-.

You will need a amp to drive them. And a source either a cd player or dvd player or TV.
I don't think your TV can drive that well if you connect them. And you may not have an option to connect them directly from TV.

finally you may have to have an amp (for stereo music) or avr (multichannel movie and music) which will take your source ( CD/ DVD player or TV) to amplify and send to speakers.
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How much is your budget? Like I said I did audition the Philips and the Yamaha soundbars and the Yamaha was better in terms of VFM costing around 28K (if I remember correctly) and coming to Philips I checked two models (don't remember the model numbers) but they were costing 39K and 49K respectively. For that price you can get good BS or a 5.1 system with satellites and wall mount them and mind you this is all inclusive of an AVR/DVDP etc. especially when you look at an HTIB and this will address your problem of limited space since the BS/satellites can be wall mounted. Also to my ears (at least) the Philips soundbars did not sound like anything worth 39K or 49K because for that price you can assemble a decent system which will sound way better than the soundbars and mind you no soundbar will give the output of a dedicated 5.1 system in the same budget at least.

The problem with going the BS + Sub route will be the requirement for an AV reciever? This will put up the costs...

The problem with going the BS + Sub route will be the requirement for an AV reciever? This will put up the costs...

Yeah I agree with you, but the soundbars themselves are not cheap. The Philips ones I saw at 39K and 49K were way too expensive and not really delivering any great output in terms of sound either.
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