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Sound by Design, Gurugram

Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker

Dr Sarkar

Dec 21, 2019
I want to extend a very well deserved applause to Team Sound by Design, Gurugram, New Delhi. I went for an audition on 04 Jan 2020 to their studio and I am more than satisfied for their excellent hospitality and professionalism. I shall be sharing my experience in the form of a time line.

Pre appointment discussions:
At the initial stage I contacted Mr Siddharth regarding my requirement of an AVR and speaker combination. He seemed to be a very mature and calm person and briefly explained the nuances of technicality involved in the selection and finalisation of the components.

Subsequently I got in touch with Mr. Vinay, another gem in the team. I bombarded him with various queries pertaining to Avr and speakers. But he painstakingly explained everything, sometimes even when he was on leave and away from Delhi.

Making an appointment:
Making an appointment was a breeze and I travelled almost 100 km crossing thick Delhi traffic to reach their studio after a hectic working day for the audition.

The location and convenience:
The location was easy to navigate and can be approached in a four wheeler. There was ample parking space available. To the extent, there was a person from the studio at the road head to welcome and guide me inside.

Studio setup:
The studio is located at the basement of the residence. It’s was adequately spaced and laid out. There were two separate rooms for auditions. One was for stereo and other was for Movie with surrounds. There was also a display area where eqpt were laid out. All the rooms were equipped with comfortable sitting arrangements.

Audition process:
Here I met the most jovial and enthusiastic member of the team, Mr Kartik. He was very well behaved and knowledgeable. Never shied away from any query and we went through an exhaustive 2 hours of audition. It involved multiple speakers and amps. Even he allowed my amp and CDs to be played with the chosen speakers. He explained in depth the various components and their influences over audio quality. It speaks volumes about his knowledge and ability that I ended up buying Dali Spektor 6 in place of Polk T50 ( I went there to buy T50 or Z3 ). He was never assertive about any of the speakers but gently guided me to choose the right speaker palatable to my music taste. He also gave me tour of the studio explaining other high end audio eqpt.

I opted for bank transfer and debit card payment. They also had the option for EMI.

To sum up my experience with Sound by Design I can say that I went to buy a speaker and ended up making good friends. They are thorough professionals but function in a homely atmosphere that is bound to make any potential customer comfortable.
A big thumbs up for Team Sound by Design.


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Dec 23, 2008
New Delhi
Sid is an absolute gentleman and a great host. I have visited his place numerous times and he always greets you cheerfully and takes a lot of time explaining the nuances of each setup.
Passionate about music and with great knowledge about the products and acoustics ,he is always patient and never forces a product on somebody. He is a stickler for perfection and have seen him moving the speaker position in millimeters till he is satisfied about the sound that is going to hit your ears when you sit on that sweet spot.
Would highly recommend you to visit him if you're on the lookout for a new setup.


Nitin K

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Nov 23, 2018
Congratulations on your setup Dr. Sarkar.
Buying equipment and making friends with knowledgeable people who guide you well is the icing on the cake. Hope you enjoy your setup.
I genuinely feel good showroom people who explain well without pushing for sales should benefit by word of mouth.