Source for MS Aviano 6 + CA 650A


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May 19, 2009
Hey Guys,

Thanks to you guys, I have purchased my first 2.0 system - MS Aviano 6 (speakers) and CA 650A (amp). Currently I am using the regular Sony DVD player as a source, which i feel needs to be upgraded.

Can you guys please suggest a source for my setup around the budget of 15-17k. My usage will be mainly for music, consisting of both CD's and downloaded MP3's. If possible and if the music quality doesn't get too much affected, having the additional option of playing DVD in the source would also be great.

Thanks a ton guys !!!
congrats on the purchase and enjoy ur music.if ur lookin for a jack of all trades why not look at the ca dv89/99?great for the price.cheers

Let's make this pure 2 channel shall we ?, so no DVD talks here (just me having your setup).

I would go for the matching 650C for the synergy.

If i were you i would buy a nice dac, keep the sony and later down the line maybe upgrade the sony,
If i were you i would buy a nice dac, keep the sony and later down the line maybe upgrade the sony,

Hi Audiodelic,

Please excuse my ignorance but I am curious to know how would a DAC help me improve my sound quality over the the CD player ?

The 650C would def be a good choice but it is also arnd 25-27k, whereas my budget is arnd 15k. Plus i am not sure of how good it is at playing dowloaded mp3.

So can u please suggest somethin within my budget. Appreciate ur help.
a dac would be a step in the right direction for sure in todays digital age.u could use ur existing player to feed the dac with the signal and connect the analog out to the amp.will definitely be a marked improvement(flac/wma/mp3).me,got a usb dac as i want to be able to integrate my laptop into my rig.current setup being
1.laptop(foobar/wasapi)-keces da151 mk2-ca640a v2-mission m35i dv99(redbook cds/dvds)-ca640a v2-mission m35i
the prob is unless u have/propose to get a lot of redbook cds,a dedicated cdp doeesnt make too much sense to me.of course YMMV.i would prob get a dedicated cdp when i do have enuf source material for the same.then again,in ur budget there are cdps such as the ca 340/540c,marantz cd 5001/6002(?),not too sure of the nad models.cheers
Since you are concerned about the mp3 quality a dac is the direction to go in i feel. + it gives you the versatility to use it with any source in the future with a digital out including your present sony player.
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