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Space for images

Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers


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Mar 1, 2010
Is there a limit for how much disk space my uploaded images consume?

I am hitting my limit, I am told. And I am shown a screen where I can delete old images if I want.

Doesn't this make old threads less useful, when images drop out? I was under the impression that external hosting of images in individual users' Instagram or Flickr or whatever account is less reliable, because those accounts come and go, and images disappear. So I thought hosting images on the hifivision server itself will be nice. But I'm hitting limits, and I (in my supreme arrogance :lol:) believe that one of the threads I'm currently building will have useful insights for future speaker builders. (Something on DIY crossover design challenges.)

I am sure this has been debated in your team, so please just tell me what you consider best practice, and I'll comply.

PS: I had once engaged with Jon Marsh on htguide.com's DIY forum about his Cauer-Elliptic xo for his superb metal-cone MTM speakers. I had tried to do the same thing using active xo, and I had posted schematics, SPL curves, etc. They were well received by Jon and a few other senior speaker designers, and I was most thrilled. But I'd kept those images on some personal account on some server, and that's gone now, and if you go to the thread now, you'll see my posts, my queries, their comments, and the whole discussion has become pointless because no one can see the schematics and SPL curves. Active xo implementation of Cauer-Elliptic has remained a hot topic on diyaudio, htguide, and elsewhere, but my attempt is not available for reference. Hence my query here.