speaker cable suggested

Yes I've heard the 4vs it's good. I was looking to upgrade my spk cables in my set up when I was able to audition the 4/8pr, 4/8vs & 4/8tc. The PR series of cables sounded quite & had more detail than my previous beldan 12gauge spk cable but the diff wasn?t huge. The VS range had more bass & better detail; But the Tc range was a big jump over my previous cables in fact I couldn?t believe the diff it made. I choose the 8tc as it had better bass & sweetness at the top end. All the best. Cheers.

Please comments on Kimber 4TC speaker cable and what is cost of this cable? which connector should use (spade or banana)?
Kimber 4TC should be 500-odd per foot and 4VC about half that. No experience with it. I would like to hear from Kimber users too - may upgrade to 4VC myself in a few months. I believe Audio Vision India are the dealers.
Another option...though you may not be able to audition it here!!

Try Blue Jeans Cable (from their uk site for intl. shipping). I bought a 6ft pair 12 gauge for <2200.
Monster cables are the best known in the world. They are little costly, but if someone can afford, he can differentiate the effects. They have lifetime warranty also.

Hi take the 4 vs of me free if u live in bombay. Im serious. They are ok and pretty cluttered sound.
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