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Jan 24, 2021
Hello everyone, I have a pair of Arphi Super Challenger bought from olx. Its been 7 months now and the speakers sound awesome but the speaker cloth was been tempered due to small kids in their house. It's been torn in the corners as well as it has some colours spot on the cloth. I want to make the speaker look like original so where can I get the cloth in Mumbai?
As an example: Coarse woven Jute is Good.
No, it's not. The more coarse/thick the weave, the more the absorption. Not desirable, acoustically!

Silk or nylon is not.
IMO, coarse/thick weave in this type of fabric is rare and if finely woven, if it is near acoustically transparent, it is ideal.

The coarse weaves went out in the 70's, the way of the dodo. :D
Also you probably are right in recommending coarse weave cloth for the OP's use case. Most of the speakers of that era used those eardrum piercing cone tweeters and that type of cloth tamed them a bit. o_O
Can you please share adrees or location of the shop?

The Fabric store, Khar West, Mumbai

The Fabric store, Khar West, Mumbai
Thankyou Sir.
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