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Jan 17, 2007
Hi guys. As some of you may have read in the For Sale section ? my plan of having a dedicated pair of speakers for stereo listening is on its way there. Ideal scenario would have been to set the speakers up in the bedroom but the agreement right now with the wife is to park these in the den together with our smaller HT set up. The speakers will eventually get to the bedroom?:D

I have the Marantz 4600 driving a 5.1 Athena set up in the den. The 4600 has a ?surround B? feature ? allowing the receiver to drive an extra pair of speakers in another room using the same source. I have not yet hooked up the extra pair of speakers but based on the receiver?s manual it looks like that the feature when used will drive all speakers at the same time. What I want at this point in time is to be able to use the 5.1 package for HT and the other pair of speakers for 2-channel listening in the same room and I?m thinking some sort of switch is the way to go. Basically like the A/B speaker switch feature in an Onkyo 504 or in aYamaha 357.

Is there one out there? Is it available in Mumbai? Is anyone in the board using a similar device? Directions on this one will as usual be highly appreciated.


PS ? Original intention was to interchange the receivers in our 2 HT set ups ? and use the Onkyo 604 in the den and use its Zone 2 feature. I decided against this since the Marantz 4600 will probably have a hard time driving the speakers in the main HT set up.
I've been looking for a switch for the reverse. i.e sharing the same set of speakers with two amps. I have a sony tae1000esd preamp going into a nad 350 amp for the nad drive and a typical pioneer yamaha combo for them movies. both need to share same spkrs. lookd evry where . no good switches. am asking someone to make them. Hari who is associated with Lakozy can make it.
Thanks for the heads up. I'll go visit Lakozy in South Bombay...very near my office. Are you having your switch made by them? If you don't mind me asking how much did it cost to have it made.


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