Speaker Types : Do you know them all ..


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Mar 3, 2008
Basics of Speaker Types

A *woofer* is a driver capable of reproducing low (bass) frequencies.
The usable frequency range varies widely and depends on various design
features. Whilst some woofers can cover the audio band from bass to 3
kHz, others only work up to 1 kHz or less. Some woofers are capable of
very deep bass performance in the proper enclosure, while others become
unusable below 50 or 60 Hz. Woofer

A *tweeter* is a driver capable of reproducing the higher end of the
audio spectrum, usually but not always from about somewhere around 3-5
kHz up to 20 kHz and beyond. Tweeter

A *mid-range speaker*, also called a squawker, is designed to cover the
middle of the audio spectrum, typically from perhaps 200 Hz to about 4-5
kHz. Midranges are used when the bass driver(s) is incapable of
adequately covering the mid audio range, and the tweeter used cannot
adequately manage low enough frequencies to meet the woofer??s highest
frequency reasonable performance.Mid range

A *full-range driver* is designed to have as wide a frequency response
as possible. These drivers are often small, typically 2 to 5 inches (5
to 13 cm) in diameter, and have limited sound output (especially at low
frequencies) and limited power handling capacity (due to a small voice
coil). They often employ an additional cone called a whizzer to extend
the high frequency response and broaden the high frequency directivity.
A whizzer is a small, light cone attached to the woofer??s apex rear the
dust cap. The main cone is so built as to flex more in this region at
high frequencies than the rest of the cone; the result is that the
whizzer cone is the chief part of the speaker with much output at higher
frequencies. However, there exist full-range drivers which are capable
of reproducing a frequency range from 50 Hz to 20 kHz and higher without
a whizzer cone.

A *subwoofer* driver is a woofer used for the lowest range of the audio
spectrum. A typical subwoofer is optimized for this work and only
reproduces sounds below perhaps 120 Hz. Because the range of frequencies
that must be reproduced is limited, the design of the subwoofer is
usually simple, often consisting of a single, large, woofer enclosed in
a suitable (often bass reflex) cabinet. Subwoofers often contain
integrated power amplifiers and filters, with additional controls
relevant to low frequency reproduction, such as phase switches. Some
subwoofer systems include sophisticated accelerometer feedback
mechanisms which adjust amplifier behavior to compensate for deviations
in the actual motion of the driver cone. These last are commonly termed
bass servo drivers and cannot be used independently of the purpose
matched electronics. Subwoofer
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