Speaker wires length!


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Dec 29, 2009
does it matter if the length of the front left, right and centre speakers wires are not of the same length. The length of my left speaker is 20ft, centre 15ft and the right is 10 ft. It sounds perfect but should i still have equal lengths? My rears and surrounds have 30 and 35ft of length. Please advice!
Logic says that the wires of the front speakers shld be of equal length; likewise the wires to the rear channels be of the same length( obviously they'll be longer than those feeding the front speakers.
But I guess in HT its not that critical.But they shld be of good qlty to be sure.
I am using QED silver anniversary tube technology cables and wanted to be sure before i spend and realize later that i didnt really need to.
LIZARDKING, theoretically speaking speakers lengths will make a difference as the impedance offered to the amplifier for the cable+ speaker combo will be different in each case. Now whether you can hear it or not is more dependant on the resolution of the system than anything else.

I would suggest to have the shortest run of speaker cables which is practically possible for you to have as anything above is unnecessary (and cables, if lying on the floor arr only an eyesore but have an uncanny ability to collect dust !)
Kamal, do I sense a bit of stereo superiority here? :)

No, No. I don't know about Kamal, but actually as a stereo person, I always have a inferiority complex because of lack of knowledge of all the terms used in HT. I look at a term like DivX and wonder if it has a Sanskrit origin :). Genuinely. As you know, I am incapable of pulling anybody's legs.

Hi Sp,
The way I have done it use good quality speaker cables like QED for front left , right and center channels. You can use a decent cable 100-120Rs/m for the rear channels. It works for me. Anyway rear speakrs doesn't have that much information as comapred to front three.
Kamal, do I sense a bit of stereo superiority here? :)

No, Venkat!
The word superiority(complex?) or snootiness re HT does not exist in my mental make up.
I truly respect individual POV/preferences.
Its just that, IMveryHO, expectations from a stereo set up & a HT setup are difft; & in stereo, where one is trying to create a 3D illusion with just 2 channels & 2 spkrs & one sensory input, things like ICs/cables are more critical to achieve that illusion.
Thats all I was trying to convey...
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ok this is the equipment i use. Projector panasonic pt ae 3000, Amp marantz av-8003 and mm-8003, speakers dali ikon 6 and centre dali vokal 2, surrounds paradigm adp-390 and rears adp-390, 2 subwoofers def tech 1000, dvd player denon 1930 and bluray player panasonic bd 30. speaker cables for front and centre are qed silver anniversary with tube technology and qed micro for rears and surround, now what should i do to improve or change? forgot to mention that my fronts and centre are biwired and for low i use the micro, should i use thicker wires for the low (same as the qed silver)
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