Speakers for NAD325BEE


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Jun 4, 2007
Hi everyone!
newbie in this forum..
Looking out for a pair of speakers for a room of 150sqft. I think bookshelf is enough, comments are welcome.
Also, want to know whether Diamond 9.1/9.2 will go with this amp. I am also encouraged with Sonodyne 1501, comments are welcome!.
The Diamonds 9.1 or 9.2 should go well with this amp. Also listen to the Monitor Audio BR2
Thanks Jagat. Apparently there are no dealers in Bangalore for Monitor Audio. :(
Also, any suggestions on floorstanders?. My budget as of now is around Rs.25K. Sonodyne/Wharfedale/Accoustic energy?
thanks for the reply. Called him up and got to know he has bookshelves too. Ali was quoting around Rs.25k for the BR2.
He we have wharfedale Vs MA, can we put them in to same category - looking at the price difference I think they fall in to different performance buckets?
I am not planning to have a sub, as it complicates the connection. Just a floorstander or a bookshelf. Which one would you experts in this forum suggest?
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More than anything else, the Diamonds sound quite different from MAs.
So listen to them and decide what you like.

I would put my money on MA, but go with advice, listen to both Wharfdales& MA, and the decide.
Remember, with bookshelfs, you would also need a pair of good stands, which may cst another 10 K.
How do I move this to speakers category?... Yes, this must have been posted in Speakers section. Was bit lazy to create two posts - Pardo...:p
Thanks to all of you, will keep you guys posted on my findings :)
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