Speakers for Sony STR-DE 598 AV Receiver


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Oct 14, 2007
Hi Folks,

I would like some advice on suitable speakers for my AV Receiver. I bought my Sony STR-DE 598 receiver a couple of years ago (got it dirt cheap) and have hardly used it. I was using it with a pair of old bookshelves.

I now want to set up a HT and have a limited budget of 40 K to get new speakers and a DVD player.

I have thought of buying the Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 (approx 12K), Diamond 9 CC and Diamond SW-150 (approx 16K) as front, center and sub respectively.

I plan to use Space Audio cubes as rear channel speakers (I need very sleek rear speakers as the distance between the rear and front walls is only 9.5 feet with my sofa touching the rear wall).

I also plan to buy the Sony NS78H HDMI DVD player (6K).

The thought behind this selection was to get good front and center speakers and a good sub as I plan to upgrade my AV Receiver in about a year and a half.

Appreciate your opinions...

There is no reason to get a different brand of speakers for the rears because of the size of the listening space. After all you can use the controls on your AV Receiver to trim the levels of the rear speakers or make other adjustments. As far as possible always match all the speakers to the same family. Else the sound will suffer, especially for multichannel music such as SACD, DVD-A or even music from your DVDs in 5.1 format - since it will not match tonally. With the Wharfedale Diamond 9 family, you can go with the tiny 9.0s for the rear speakers. Also consider the 9.CS as your center over the smaller 9.CC as it is a better match for your fronts.

Another good speaker family to choose from is Mordaunt-Short Avant series. You can go with 2 pairs of 902i for front and rear, 905i for center and 309i subwoofer. If your receiver is powerful enough you should choose the 904i or 906i floorstanders for the fronts.

The best way to choose would be to take your receiver to the showroom to audition the speakers.
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