Speakers with NAD C372


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Feb 6, 2007

I have a NAD 521i CD player & a C372 Amp
(2 x 150W Minimum Continuous Power into 4/8 ohms)
Room is 15x11 feet, with a lot of soft furnishing.

I am trying to decide on the speakers now, can spend up to Rs 100K, if required.
Any suggestions?

Have you heard any speakers with you NAD??

If you have heard the speakers what is your feedback on those. From what I read in your introductory post it looks like you would need a speaker with an excellent mid-range.

What kind of speakers are you looking for? Floorstanders or standmounters??

Generally PSB speakers are recommended with NAD. I would suggest you visit your nearest NAD dealer and hear the PSB Image T55/T65 Tower Speakers.
if u are in mumbai , then visit lakozy, they are the nad dealers. they also deal psb

I am in Bangalore. I met the lakozy guy at the Times AV exhibition 10 days back. Unfortunately I could not hear the speakers there. He said that they do not have a dealer in Bangalore, but I think I have seen some advertisements somewhere.

I am looking for floor standers but PSB Image T65 was too big(deep) for me. I am planning audition T55 somewhere. Has anyone here tried these speakers? Some reviewers on the new say that they lack clarity.

I met Venky at Reference Point some time back (before I got the amp), where I loved the midrange reproduction on EPOS M5, unfortunately it was too small for me and M22 did not offer me the same mid range.

I listened to KEF iQ5 and iQ9 at ProFx. iQ5 was fast, but the mids and bass were too boxy and small. I liked the midrange in iQ9, but the bass was too bloated and dull. unfortunately they did not have iQ7 that day.

I am also planning to try out MA RS6/8.

I need speakers that are high on clarity across the frequency range, and can reproduce the intimately recorded voices with the intimacy intact (and may be a forward presentation of voices). The highs should be dry and clear.
Some of my favorite music albums are:

* Nora Jones - Come Away with Me
* Bruce Springsteen - Seeger sessions
* Mehdi Hasan - His First album & the lecture demonstrations at the London School of Music
* Shumona Roy Biswas - Ghazals
* Asha Bhonsle - Ali Akbar Khan: The Legend
* Anushka Shankar: The Rising
* Begum Akhtar - Ghazals
* Some of the songs in the movies like Yatra, Sardari Begum, Umrao Jaan (old), Leela, Maqbool
* Some of old Rock, Jazz, Country, old hindi movies etc.

I hope this gives a better idea about what I am looking for.

I would also suggest you to listen to the B & W 603 and Dali Ikon 6 and a new line they have just introduced Mentor 2 and 6. See the video at http://www.cinenow.com/uk/play-video-539.html where Jakob Mller Nielsen, Product Engineer and Designer, shows the MENTOR 2 and 6 speakers for the first time in the UK.
Listen to Audience52-SE...I suppose you will be surprised with what you have been missing all these days.
Listen to Audience52-SE...I suppose you will be surprised with what you have been missing all these days.

I would second Dr. Bass's recommendation!

If you are looking for mid-range clarity and detail give the Audience 52SE a listen.

Does anyone know a Dynaudio dealer in Bangalore?
i haven't seen any advertisements lately.

Thanks Cyrus!
So Prithvi is the contact in Bangalore. He is great, but a bit difficult to catch.

Yesterday, I checked out MA RS6 (were good), Boston, Energy, MS 908i, Klipsh etc.
I wanted to l check out the bookshelfs from Dyna and Proac before deciding, but might just go ahead and buy the RS6 one of these days.

Thanks for your help.

Do not be in a hurry to buy the speakers (your most important hi-fi component). Listen to all of them and then BUY the one that suits your listening taste and component compatibility!
hi sharad!!!

if you haven't bought the speakers yet please contact me for an excellent pair of B&W DM603 S3 Floorstanding speakers.

thanks & regards,
ramesh/bangalore @ +919844404269
Hi Everyone,

I bought Monitor Audio RS6, and I am happy with them till now based on the initial sessions I had.
I want to thank to all of you in helping me make this decision.
Special thanks to Prithvi on this forum, and other dealers in Bangalore, who put up with me through the long/repeated listing sessions.

I had almost decided on Linn Katan last Saturday, which is more refined than RS6, but had to compromise, as I have thousands of albums which do not have perfect recording and the RS6 makes them sound a bit better; which means it is not really transparent, but I can live with that. I still want to buy Linn as my 'B' speaker some day for the audiophile recordings.

hifipal4all, thanks for the offer. Sorry I could not contact you in time.

Thanks again everyone,
dear sharad,

its nice to know that finally you have bought your speakers. congratulations & happy listening!!!

i wish to inform you that iam dealing on used imported home audio items (amplifiers, cd players, cassette decks, graphic equalizers, tuners, speakers ... towers & bookshelves & also home theatre packs) for the past 5 years. so for any of your future requirements please do get in touch with me.

take care & have a good day!!!
ramesh/bangalore @ +919844404269
i;ve got a similar set up. ma rs6 and nad c272. wait for 10-20 hours for the rs6 to break in. you;ll find a lot of difference. what also makes a big difference is getting rid of the brass plates between the speaker inputs and using your speaker wire to connect them.