is it better to buy the bose accoustimass 5 speakers or get floor standing speakers.


This is a question that will raise a lot of eyebrows. The two cannot be compared. If you compare a Bose AM with a sub/sat system, it will be more sensible.

Please search through the forums. There have been a lot of discussions on Bose speakers.

nazreth, personally I would go for floor standers over the Bose Accoustimass. A floor stander setup will give you a reasonably good setup for audio and movies with room for additions down the line.
go for the floorstanders. The Bose is a sub-sat system, and intrinsically sub-sat systems don't produce sound that can match full-fledged speakers. In addition to that Bose doesn't make terribly high quality stuff. So even getting a Jamo 406 HCS package (2 floorstanders, 2 surrounds and 1 center) for 17k would be better than the Bose.
Hi .... If you are particularly looking for a Bose speakers, check out the 701 floorstanding model which is pretty decent sounding especially for a stereo setup.

Also you check out the Mission M33i and if you are a bass freak check out the M34i's.

All the best!!!
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