Steering Controls integration with any player


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Jan 3, 2008

Many vehicles come with an integrated audio and with the controls on the steering. However, many a times, we're not satisfied with the integrated audio and would wish to replace it.

If we replaced the integrated audio with any other player of our choice, would the steering audio controls still work?

Please suggest.

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Yes with Pioneer you can ( Dunno about o
There are several remote models please check compatabality before buying HU and Remote
(Available in grey market remember seeing it in Alfa )

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Parts & Accessories Online - Model CDSR77 Pioneer CDSR100 Steering Wheel Remote Control: Electronics PIONEER CDSR11 CAR STEERING WHEEL REM-AVICN1/2: Electronics

First see the availability of remote and then see with which models it is user reviews too

What I'm seeing from the links are the generic remote controls from each manufacturer, with clamps or mounts to fix the remote to the steering.

What I'm asking is whether we may use the same steering controls on the car to control the Pioneer, Apline or whatever HU we're installing, instead of the OEM.


Hi nitinbose, I'm not sure how much help I can give. But let me give it a try.

The OEM remote controls integrated into the steering wheel on some car makes are compatible with few after market single and double DINs'. As far as I know some Chinese brands like ZULEX can hook up directly to Toyota INNOVA (in-no-way), CAMRY without an optional remote control.

For some aftermarket brands like JVC, PIONEER, etc. you have to buy their optional steering control remote that will plug into the OEM remote control integrated on the steering.

Your audio installer should be able to provide you more details on compability.
Nobody with an answer??? Where are the experts?? :D:D

About which car you are talking

I was in ICE selling in dubai ( For 3 months) 6-7 years back

Now HUs in cas are sourced from diff manufacturers and you need to know who supplied who..then you can experiment ..

You may get OEM supplier name on net or talking with service centres....

I'm referring to the Pioneer AVH-P4150DVD model on a Toyota Innova VX.

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