Stop gap budget HT audio set up for under 10K


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Sep 17, 2010
Vijayangar, Bangalore
Hi All,

Now that my nephews have started earning - they will hopefully follow my footsteps and start building a modular HT setup over time. Given where we are today with travel to US almost disappearing overnight and Indian prices hitting the roof, I have told them to use what they have and add what is needed minimally to get through the tough times (in terms of shopping deals) and eventually slowly start accumulating higher end stuff.

Following is their end target for which they do not intend to do any shopping right now.

8 Core Ryzen desktop, 65 inch TV, 1080P projector and a decent lower end audiophile HT setup including an Atmos receiver.

But for now they have the following:
(a) A low end laptop with HDMI out
(b) A cheap 480P chinese projector with a 120 inch local screen (total cost of both on Amazon was less than 10K few years back)
(c) No receiver.

So for 2020 use only, given that the projector takes HDMI for video and watching a movie in total darkness is not a bad experience at all, I advised them to just add a decent audio - 5.1 or otherwise.

What options do they have? Video will be from HDMI and given its a cheap laptop, I am guessing 3.5 MM out is the only option, is it possible for them to buy a cheap HDMI splitter so that one HDMI can go to projector and another goes to say a decent cheap sound bar like the Xiaomi one for around 5K?

Or do we take audio out from 3.5 mm and plug them into any of these options?

lots of F&D models have 4+ ratings on flipkart like this

Again we are talking about kids - one of whom is getting minimal stipend and the other just started his career. But both are extremely interested and addicted to gadgets.

Thanks in advance for all your help. The audience for this apart from these two will be their parents and grand parents - hence 4K or even 1080P is not an issue. They just need a large screen image and decent sound (even good stereo is good enough).

I am not sure how much these Ahuja kind of PA systems work out for a home environment - that too one that doesnt have an amp/receiver.

My nephews can add the projector and laptop model numbers in case it helps.

Do give them receiver/HTIB options under 50K also - although personally I wouldnt recommend buying them at the current jacked up prices.
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I had a Edifier DA5000 Pro ,dont think they make them any longer but they really were kickass. 10 years old now and still working fine at my cousins place. If you can get a edifier 5.1 nothing like it.
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