Streaming audio from mobile to Windows PC (Roon Server)


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Dec 22, 2018
I have set up a Lenovo TinyPC as a Roon Server connected via USB to the Topping E30 DAC, which in turn is connected to my amp. This operates as a headless PC and is not connected to any display (we don't have a TV)

Roon allows me to play from Tidal, Qobuz and local sources. However, a lot of times my wife wants to play music that is available only on Youtube from the phone. Youtube has lot of live recorded music that I would like to stream irrespective of quality of the audio.

What is the best (easiest) way to stream from my mobile to the windows PC? Is using a bluetooth adapter the only way?

I tried a trial of Airserver but it seems more intended for video and I was unable to stream using the Google cast option. Please let me know if there are better options. Thanks!
If you can install chrome on your PC, these tips might be of help-

Earlier it was really easy but I think google removed the app -
Step 1. Install Plex on your pc.
Step 2. Install Vanced microG and Vanced YouTube on phone.
Step 3. Cast from Vanced YouTube app to Plex to play content from YouTube ad free onto your pc
Hi, I was also thinking to install roon on tiny pc, on roon website I didn't find roon software for intel processor based pcs. Can you send me link where it is all explained.
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