Sub woofer - crack in the foam surround


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Nov 16, 2008

My Definitive subwoofer has a cracked foam surround. Low fequencies beyond a certain range sound pathetic on it.
Where can I get the foam ring repaired /replaced in Chennai? How much would it cost?
I got a surround repaired on one of my PRs-an 18inch, it was done in a local PA speaker shop and cost me 750. The best bet is to contact a public address equipment outfit they use these for PA systems.

If the surround is damaged it is better that you stop using the speaker.Otherwise you are likley to damage the voice coil,due to the non linear movement of the cone.

There are several speaker repair shops on/around Ritche St. the best of them is Ali of Samra Electronics . His shop is on the second floor in the building next to Torvin. He does all the speaker repair work for The Audio People.The problem with him is that he is erratic with delivery.

Another option is Patwal Electronics on the corner of Ritche St. opp the juice shop.
It should not cost more than Rs.1000/-most probabaly less.

I suggest that you take your driver over to Electronic Service Co.the Philips Arena showroom on Mount Road(opp Spencers) and ask Mr.Sayeed(he is Ali's uncle) to get the surrounds replaced.This is your best option for a stress free repair,but it may be slightly more expensive.

Hai GF,
I am surprised why you must run around in Chennai for your speaker repair. Pl. contact your DrfTech Dealer from whom you purchased your SW for professional Quality repair. However if u hav purchased your subwoofer in Grey market or if you hav imported ,then you hav to try local repair shops around Riche street and choose the best among them.

Pl. contact your DrfTech Dealer from whom you purchased your SW for professional Quality repair.


The Def.Tech dealer will send it to Ritchie St.for the professional repair,and charge you a huge amount if it is out of waranty.

I have seen blown Thiel,Klipsch,MA etc in Ali's shop.

Hi Rajiv,

Thanks for the advice and the suggestions. Will check the Sayeed option as was wanting to avoid going to Ritchie street.

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