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Supporting a maplewood top on a frame - help needed

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Jul 11, 2016
Panaji, Goa
IMG_20171226_173709177.jpg I have an audio rack with a 65" x 20" marble top . I intend replacing the marble top with a 3" maplewood top that I have been able to procure locally in Pune. Related to this I have a question. Please look at the picture of my audio rack attached to this message. It now has a marble top which I plan to replace with a maplewood top. The marble top sits atop a bare frame that does not have any top. When I place the maple top, I have the options of:
  1. Merely placing it like I have done with the marble
  2. Gluing it to the frame
  3. Placing it with spikes
The option of using multiple spikes appeals to me, although I would need to carefully level each spike so that the top is resting firmly on all supports. But the problem with using spikes, along with spike feet, is that the top would then be subject to toppling off the frame if accidentally impacted against. Please let me know your suggestions that would address this issue so that the maplewood top stays firmly secured to the frame, yet prevents vibrations from being transmitted.

Thanks in advance,