Sure there is quality in power amp too


New Member
Mar 27, 2007
There is an illusion the power amp is only meant for power only. I have come across a variety of power amp. But not the high end. But LIKE nad boman, musicfidelity aragon, hafler, parasound mid end. Dedicated power amp gives sweet sound. I was given a hafler xl 280 power amp nice working but 7/10 condition. Every now and then i have an urge to change over that. Eventhough there s good write up for this. It is just 140 watt p.c. But better wattage parasound musicfidelity nad does not come near by it. Matching everything is also a problem i understand. But boman and aragon simply outclassed a little bit this giant killer hafler xl 280. But really it takes a lot of pain to analyse this test. Back pain partys should take care thanks. One more thing also i come to know in nad also there is good quality highend amplifier. Which i have never come across
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