TATA SKY to LCD Monitor


New Member
Aug 5, 2008
Can someone help me understand what kind of LCD Monitor(Not TV) do I need to get so that I can connect my TATA SKY video to that. I am not looking at connecting my audio there as I have it connected to my Bose Companion 5. What kind of cables do I need ? What kind of inputs should be available in the LCD monitor to connect?
Hi Sooriya,

The TATA SKY boxes that I have seen support only a composite video out. So you cannot connect it directly to a monitor. There is no 'cable' that would help.

You could buy an external TV tuner box. These boxes take in composite video, and even RF signals, and convert them to RGB at various resolutions. Look for a box that can provide you the out put at the right resolution and refresh rate.
Hi Binoy,

>>Dish Tv box comes with digital out, which can be used with LCD monitor.

Have they added an HDMI or DVI out?
I have been using DishTV for many years. Looks like it is finally time to upgrade the box. They were supposed to release the HD boxes in October. Are these already out in the market?
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