TeraDisc -1TB in a disk introduced


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Mar 3, 2008
Came across site mempile.com it says ,
They have a Terabyte capacity disk technology .

TeraDisc? - the next generation of optical storage: capable of recording up to 250 Hours of HD Programming

from the site:
Two-Photon Technology: The Key to Three-Dimensional Optical Storage

As viewed from a quantum mechanical perspective, light consists of innumerable tiny packets (quanta) of energy called photons. In linear optical processes, one photon interacts with a molecule to excite some process. In two-photon processes however, individual photons are too small to interact with the molecules ?? they just pass by unaltered. In this case, photochemical processes are only excited when two photons interact with a molecule at almost exactly the same time. Their combined energy is sufficient to make a change where the energy of one photon alone is not. Simplistically, non-resonant two-photon absorption is a process in which two-photons interact simultaneously with a molecule wherein the absorbed energy is the combined energy of the two photons.
The chance of two photons arriving at the same molecule at the same time is very low when the photons are spread out, and so under normal conditions two-photon processes simply do not happen. However, when the light is brought to a very tight focus, the photons are concentrated enough at the focal point that two-photon photochemistry can take place. Thus, two-photon photochemistry provides what is required to access hundreds of data layers, three-dimensional resolution.

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