THE SWEET SPOT for audiophile


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Sep 29, 2009

I come across today some writing about what we all call "The Sweet Spot".... Enjoy your reading on it...

HomeToys eMagazine Article - The Sweet Spot

For whom dont have patience to read fully, just given the conclusion( given by them only-- Not by me :lol:) Mr.Venkat can tweak this full post and kindly explain in simple:)


So there we have it. As an audiophile you want the best performance, and you probably aren't above spending money and trying tweaks of various sorts to help you get it. But there are real improvements that can be had without extra accessories or emptying your wallet.

Amplifying circuitry can be made better without more complexity and without more feedback. The best part of this for do-it-yourselfers is that these are things that can be done on your own bench, costing mostly just the time it takes to tweak the circuit and evaluate the results. Moreover, this approach is not seen on the factory floor for most manufacturers it's simply too time consuming to do, and the rest probably never heard of it.

So here's your chance to make simple high quality audio amplifiers better than ever. Buy yourself a cheap used distortion analyzer and go for it.:)
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