Time for HT upgrade


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Nov 9, 2009
After 2 years - the bug to upgrade the HT system has finally bit again. LCR + Receiver + Amplification + Sub (maybe)

I currently have -
Denon X2700H
Q Acoustics Concept 20 + Concept Center - I really like them, but, the Idea of KEFs is really exciting.
Q acoustics QB12 - I am actually very happy with the sub - so maybe - not the sub just yet.
The surrounds & heights - stay in place - they do their job well enough

Planning to replace -
LCR with KEF LS 50 Meta
Receiver - Marantz Cinema - 70
Amplification - 3 channel - NOT SURE

It all started as my friend is buying 2 sets of KEF LS 50 Metas to run as LCR & hence will have a single unit left in place. Buying 3 sets can get us an even better price. So :) Well.

Requirements -
1 - Receiver - As I have heard that the LS 50 Metas - "NEED POWER" so my X2700H is not going to cut it apparently. So I have decided to buy something with even lesser power - atleast on paper. This leads to Marantz cinema 70. The only requirement is Pre-Outs. Which X2700H doesn't have.
2 - Sub - I have the Qacoustics QB12 and I can't fault this sub at all - Except the size. So I am not too keen on getting rid of this - but I was told that maybe Kube 8B (smaller) can fit in around 90K and in terms of specs on paper - it should be "comparable" to the QB 12. I doubt it, but you know - dealers.
Question - here is - considering this is not an expense I need to make - BUT - the removing that tata nano sized subwoofer is a great motivator, will make my partner very very happy! Will the KEF QUBE 8B a decent - sideways move or it will be a complete downgrade?

3 - AMPLIFICATION - now this is where I want to spend most of my budget - given the LS 50 Metas are already - pretty much in. What may sound best - a 3 channel amp with this particular speaker? I can see a bunch of Emotivas - anything else that falls under 1L? I am also exploring a 50 WPC kind of amplifier from one of our in house amplifier makers. But from the ready to pick up stuff - your recommendations are needed.

Thank you so much!

***Also anyone wants the existing stuff please let me know. Shipping won't be possible as I do not have the boxes etc. Welcome to come over for a beer to Goa and pick up the stuff :p
Possibly my verbal diarrhoea confused people. So I will summaries my queries -
1 - What amplifier will be good with LS 50 Meta? I am thinking O&B, AudioLab power amps etc. Is there anything I should keep in mind in terms of synergy?
2 - If there is anyone who has used both the LS50s & the LS50 Metas - can you tell me how much of a difference there is. If I stick to the Metas for center, but get LS50s for the L/R - I am saving a lot of money! Dealer says they are pretty similar as far as movies is my primary concern.
For HT upgrade start with separates. If u have a good budget go with processor. Else you can go with Denon 3xxx series and a good PA.
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