Topping DAC warranty claim or repair in India


Jul 18, 2013
Hi Guys,

Need a small help from you all. I have a Topping D90LE DAC which was purchased from an online store in USA last year & it is still under 1 year warranty.

Since last week the DAC is not getting turned on or powered up due to which I have contacted Topping customer care team directly thru e-mail. Topping team have suggested to me to contact the US seller to claim warranty which I don't think is a practical option as sending the DAC to USA & getting it back again to India will incur very high courier cost & import duty.

I have contacted in Mumbai also as they are the Authorized Service Partner of Topping in India. Unfortunately they are saying that Headphone Zone is not authorized to handle the warranty claims for the purchases that are made outside India.

I am sure someone must have faced similar issues with Topping in the past. Can anyone share their experience of handling such issues or warranty claim or repair of Topping DACs in India so that I can resolve this problem accordingly.

I will highly appreciate your feedback or guidance on this subject.
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