Toshiba M550LP 4K QLED 55 & 65 Inch TV discussion


Jan 31, 2012
Hi this thread is for a the latest in Toshiba TV for 55 & 65 inch. This is a 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED Google TV. This is launched with 2 years warranty. This supports Dolby Atmos as well. Thinking and inclining towards this TV. anyone else in the same mindset as I am :)

Price at 75k is very tempting for starting my home theater setup
The brightness is rated for just 400 nits, and this TV goes in US for $400. I wouldn't pay 75k. This is basically a downgrade over the 2 year old U7980, a TV which Toshiba promised but never gave any updates.

If you want something in this price range, just get a Hisense U6G. It's brighter and you'll at least get some updates. Toshiba is owned by Hisense anyway.

Edit: Just checked and it seems to be an IPS panel and just has 32 dimming zones. Hard nope, this TV is trash.
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Well in a real time scenario based on lots of reviews Hisense brightness is max 500nits and This Toshiba's is 570nits.

Also whats all the options available under 1 lakh for a 65 Inch TV ?
Rtings review is for the US unit though… Do you have a similar source for the Indian unit. Interested to see if it really hits 750 nits on a sustained basis or only highlights hit 750 nits.
Rtings review is for the US unit though… Do you have a similar source for the Indian unit.
Well, Hisense India claims on their own webpage that it hits 700 nits. You can't get more official source than the official website.

I have nothing to show you if you don't believe either Hisense or rtings for the Indian variant. Indian reviewers are all shit and the ones that measure brightness do that on a 100% SDR window or something with a lux meter rather than nits meter resulting in complete useless results.

BTW here's the digit review in which it gets 600 nits, but their sample was <6500K so at 6500K it should go to around 700 nits too.
Interested to see if it really hits 750 nits on a sustained basis or only highlights hit 750 nits.
Highlights and sustained have nothing to do with each other. You can have sustained highlights and full-screen flashes depending on the content.

Almost no TV in this price class will give you anywhere close to 700 nits at 100% APL (full screen white). From the rtings review, it does around 750 nits sustained on 25% APL and about 450 on 100% APL, both of which are pretty good.
It’s always good to cross check company claims, I don’t always trust companies claims, as an example I have seen some Chinese companies claim 120hz when they have 60hz displays. Anyways it’s good to see digit corroborate. I trust rtings but what we get in India is often different from the us version so wanted to see if anyone here had personal experience with the product.
Recent one I saw was TCL C635. Seen similar gimmicks in the past as well.
TCL doesn't claim the TV is 120Hz. They say it can use their DLG tech to overdrive half the pixels at 120Hz. It's very clearly mentioned in their specs that the TV is 60Hz, and overdrive at 4k1k (half resolution) is 120hz.

They'd get sued for false advertising if anyone claims the panel has higher refresh rate than it does. So they'll use motionflow 240 or something random instead of refreshrate to fool the customers. But it's not false advertising.

My Sony 1080p TV from 2013 is 60Hz but claims to have motionflow 240 or something since Sony can refresh a quarter of pixels at once. I don't consider it false advertising, just misleading stupid consumers who gulp down marketing speak.
Yeah, agree they are misleading gullible consumers. And I think there is an intent to do so. Anyways I don’t think this thread is the place to discuss this further.
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