Transperent Music Link Plus IC


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Oct 23, 2008

has anybody heard / experienced about these interconnects : Transperent Music Link Plus IC.

They are very very good - full bodied, detailed and great sounding. I have a pair of them. However be aware in the wrong setup, they'll sound a bit bright and out of place.
hi ROC

How do u compare such RCs with cables made by Lyrita...

I am in touch with viren and he has quoted me for IC and spk cabl.

Hi Bazee,
Transparent can sound terrible in many set ups but if they work in your set up they work better than anything else. A fast, dynamic, 'punchy' performer that is very detailed. I have the music link Super but it sounds poor in my current set up though it was superb with the Bryston amps.
I hope u are buying used as new is very steep. A used M LINK + should be 7/8K for a 1M pair.
Yes thats right ,dinyar.......... used i am getting at 7k.

Now doubtful if they will shine../
As u are aware cables are system specific so hearing it in ur set up is the only solution. Its a good cable and 7K is fair price. Just keep in mind this is the older one and not the MM2 so the internet price of 400 USD for a new pair is a little misleading.
the a'gon price is between 160-190 USD so 7K is a good price.
I found the Mlink+ to be a nice cable. it is smooth with most mid Fi setups (it brings the soundstage forward). is reasonably fast.

It is overpriced new but good VFM if bought used with the setups I had used it with
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