Trends TA-10 amp


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Sep 29, 2008
has any of you guys heard this little amplifier.

Its a chinese made amp which has got rave reviews all over the net and has even been shown driving really large FS's.

Its a class T amp. I would like to hear your opinions on the same. Dont know whether its available in India.

Link to the product is TrendsAudio

Best part is it costs around $120

Check this review from sixmoons
6moons audio reviews: Trends Audio TA-10
I have not heard Trends. But I had a Dr.Amp based on the same Tripath chips. My opinion is the following. In general there seems to be a lot of clarity for the price. There was a sense of a good clean and sometimes lean but not harsh without much bass kinda sound :) For the price I would say I didn't come across anything that could do that. But then there were couple of things that put me away from them. One, was that it was running out of power because of the low wattage with even 90db speakers. If you listen to lower volumes with greater than 90db speakers, then its fine. But if you want higher volumes or good bass to push a floorstander or you speaker sensitivity is not really that high, then I would not recommend this. The other thing was that there was only one input, which is really irritating as I connect atleast a couple. Anyway, my budget was more than that and so, I sold off mine. Infact for just 2500 rupees :( Anyway, consider all these and then see if it fits your bill. I am expecting Trends to be better than Dr.Amp but then the limitations and the sound signature should be the same for most part
Good amp but you need high sensitivity speakers - at least 93 dB to appreciate the amp.

The TA amps are [have turned] expensive because of all the +ve reviews about them. I would suggest buying a Tripath amp off e-bay. You will get the same sound quality [if not better] than the Trends and for much cheaper too.

Check this seller - Arjen Helder a Dutchman in China:
eBay Store arjenhelder electronic: Search results for.

He sells his own PCB's for the Tripath chips if you are into DIY and also mods and sells other Chinese amps which you can buy. There is a Chinese manufacturer - "Topping" - whose amps he modifies to put in better caps and resistors. A friend of mine bought through Arjen last year and says that the amp he bought sounded better than the Trends and KingRex amps and at a fraction of the cost too.
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I have this amp. Its actually pretty good considering what it costs. The sensitivity of the speaker is not the main issue, but rather how low the impedance goes to. I have tried this with a fairly easy to drive speaker and its works nicely :) it lacks the lower end drive but quite nice in its mid and tonality. I might sell it at some point...:D

Thanks for the info guys I was fascinated to see such a tiny amp getting all this rave reviews.

Like Sridhar said I thk its the impedance rather than the sensitivity which can cause probs for these, have read it somewhere and also like he said about the lack of bass. Can you shed some light on what speakers you tried to drive these with.

Have you tried it with Usher S520 and the likes
I have used the Odyssey Lorelei and the Syren extreme speakers. Havent tried with the Ushers - will probably do that at some point.

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