TW700 / Pana AX200 / X9 / Optoma HD65


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Dec 18, 2008
Which of these is the best for a Home theatre?

Also which is available close to US prices in India.

Please mention prices in mumbai and availability.
I have seen and tested the last 3 of the above. I guess HD65 is cheapest at around 65-70k. X9 is brighter and AX200 gives better black level performace. Hd65 is generally rated highest on the price to performace scale.
hi,havent chkd out the first two ,the pana AX200 ,i thnk does have good reviews ,,,,i own the optoma HD65 since 1year ,its quiet good ,i use it with a onkyo 504 DVD player ,the signal is routed through the AVR (onkyo 875) via Hdmi to the HD65 ,,the upscaled images are extremly good ,,though the HD65 is 720p it does accept 1080p,,i pikd it up for 65k (bangalore) + abt 6k for celeing mount + 6k for Hdmi cable ,,,,i thnk for the price its good,,,,,but do consider the HD80 at abt 1.5 L and avoid future upgrade!!
Hi Subhash
From where did you pick up your optoma projector.
Any particular shop

hi dushie ,i got it installed from a guy called kalpesh from Hansa pictures ,they are the dealers for optoma in bangalore (9342540415) they have thier office in ghandinagar(near race course) ,i wud advice u to opt for the HD80 if at all u are planning on it
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