Two questions about wiring speakers


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Jul 14, 2009
Cooke Town Bangalore
I plan to wire up some speakers with wires concealed along the walls and would like some info.

Could anyone tell me if wall plates like this are available here in India either form MX or any other?

SOUNDQUEST 28147wx Wall Plate W/4 Terminal Jacks | Accessories4less

Or, even better, like this:

CHANNEL VISION Black Banana Jack Insert For Wall Plates | Accessories4less

I can easily get the plate made locally either out of plastic or wood.

The second question relates to gold plated banana plugs to terminate speaker wires, does anyone know if these are made by MX or any other decent brand? What do they cost? I have, in the past, bought these but would prefer to buy locally, hopefully more economically and save on time as well:

SOUNDQUEST Iw16 Gold Plated Crimp-on Banana Plugs 8 Pair | Accessories4less

Thanks in advance

George, I can only reply to your second question. I believe Samson Electronics which is among the first few shops as you enter SP Road on the left side of the road that deals with everything MX. They have some very good quality banana plugs. I believe the Onkyo dealer on Cunningham road even buys his from there (well he was the one who directed me to this store).
Complete wall plates are available in India. You have to contact a local dealer who deals in speaker cables and banana plugs, and he will be able to source the plates for you.

As suggested by Venkatcr, manufacturers or wholesale dealers of banana plugs will point you to the right direction. I have used MX products and they are pretty good. One thing to keep in mind re: your second q. All banana plugs are gold plated. So you dont have to pay premium to get a "good quality pair."

I have also gone the ebay route for this a few times - esp. buying in bulk. They are reasonable if you get them from HK or mainland China. You may also get a good price for these items.

Outside of all this, if you are planning to connect video as well, you can look for plates with component or HDMI connections in them.
Hi George,

Since you are from B'lore you can visit SP road and go to MX Shop. Last week i went there and these people are very friendly and helpful. Also the price they quote is around 60% of MRP[listed on the website]. Products are also good.
I purchased 12 AWG OFC spkr cable from them.

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