Upgrade a Philips VCD Hifi sytem to DVD?


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Aug 7, 2008
Hi folks,

I have an old Philips Mini Hifi System. We really love it as it plays our old casettes (dad!), has amazing sound and has a 3 vcd changer. But with the dvds taking over, i find it hard to give up this system.

My question is, can I upgrade this to play DVDs (replacing the lens or something?). Can I get Philips to do this from their service centres?. If I do something like this whats the trade off on quality or existing features?

Any advice?

theoretically this would be possible, but it's simply not worth doing.

a) it will cost you as much as a low-end DVD player
b) unless you absolutely know the technician doing it, you don't know what damage he can do to your system

Instead of that, why don't you just buy a DVD player (decent ones start at around 2,500 bucks), hook up the video cable to the TV and the audio cable to the aux-in portion of your music system. That should give you the sound of the music system, which you evidently like, and the option of playing DVD movies on your TV without having to go through dubious and potentially damaging processes to achieve this.