upgrading my existing home theater system


May 20, 2009
new delhi
Hi All
I have a panasonic home theater system SA-HT840. It cannot play divx and does not have a usb in. i want to know if there is any compatible dvd player which will have all the connectors for connecting all the speakers. Please note that the audio out in this dvd player model is a different type. There is no provision for putting an image, otherwise i could have shown it in this thread. please help. thanks in advance. i will upload an image for the audio out tomorrow.
Mr. Mukti Prakash
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mukti what you have is a DVD- player -decoder-multichannel amplifier combination. typically any other DVD-multichannel amp combo device should be able to run your speakers provided the ratings are compatible.

but the problem is that such combo devices only come as part of HTIB packages.

However, if your combo device accepts digital inputs (optical or coaxial), you could buy any off the market DVD player from samsung or philips which plays divx and has USB (should cost under 5k) and then hook up the digital out out of that player and let your combo device act as a decoder-cum-amplifier.

However, I seriously doubt that these devices would have digital inputs. Therefore your best option if you are very keen on having USB and DivX and having an HTIB would be buying a new HTIB like the Philips HTS3569 which comes for around 22k and reportedly has good sound (and plays divx and USB). It even had big floor-standing speakers all around so in terms of "look" and "impression" also it would be good, and would be an upgrade from your Panasonic in most regards.
I think there is one such amp included dvdp in Jumbo, Great India Place Noida. Either LG or Samsung. don't remember for sure.
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