URGENT requirement Need advice HT SETUP


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Jul 31, 2014
Hi Every one
I am new to this forum but have been reading posts from long time.....
Guys i have a dedicated room for home theatre

Room 1 : 15*14 (square room with a window on right side) its in the 1st floor
Room 2 : 14*11(rectangular room but very small) its in top floor (it wouldn't disturb any 1 even if i play at loud volumes
Please suggest me which room is better
The following are advice i need from you guys.
Confused as of 5.1 or 7.1
MY budget is : 5.1 +AVR = 1.5 lakh - max 2 lakh
I thought it would be good if just do the wiring for 7.1 and leave it after use.

SPEAKERS AUDITIONED(My req is for 50%music EDM(good bass),movies 50%)
1) polk [pro fx] : RTIa7, TSX 440 ,TSX330
Just liked it for movies, But for music its kind of ok not that great(i tested it using FLAC file) Spend about more than 1 hour in all pro fx in mumbai, bangalore and hyderabad
2) B&W 684 : Hyped so much about it that i compare everything to it, Its very expensive and buying entry level stuff from B&w for such a price is wasting ur money (great for trance)
3) Klipsch: auditioned RF 62, 82 at cine bels bangalore
i was just wowed but RF 62 when i just played few house tracks, I bass was too good and initially i asked him where is the sub he said u are just listening to FLoor standing only.
But I read posts about it saying its harsh... But i really tell u when he asked me to come in for showing me RF 82 he played some action scenes it was too harsh i couldn't listen it for 5 min.
RF62: great for music i can say awesome, But for movies harshness can be found (Please suggest me a receiver for this and alternate centre and surrounds from different brand
4)PSB: T5,T6 bright
5) Paradigm : monitor 9 slightly bright and no bass at all i auditioned it from mumbai place called DEN, he played sky fall scene i could literally feel any thing.
6) Focal : Bright and heavy sound
7) wharfedale : 10.6 not auditioned( i heard it good for music but not sure for EDM genre and action packed movie scenes
155 floor standing speakers : new version i am not sure about it because

10.6 : costs approx 62 k
100 SERIES 155 cost : 50k( its even less than 10.5 diamond)
i wonder if 155 has new kevlar cones how come it can be so cheap

AV Receivers:
1]denon x1100( price 42k ) : 7.1 wireless capability but around 70-80 per channel
2) marantz : 5008 i guess
Basically i need a receivernthat display's cover art of music played , It should be 7.1

Acoustics: I enquired rock wool for 1000 rs a bundle ( 12 pieces)
going to hire a carpenter and make frames with black fabric

Seating : 14*11 room not sure how many recliner can fit, Suggest me sleek recliners

Screen: 110 inch 16:9 please suggest best within 30k max(projector is Benq 1070)
Note:i know all dealers get speakers and receivers from grey market and just give u 1 year warranty... cheap tricks played by them

please suggest me where can i buy 684 B&w, klipsch rf62 from grey at a lesser price.

ALL prices are after discount and vat
EX: Klipsch RF 62 : quoted 82k cine bels, 72k at infibeam.com and dhaamal.com

20 B&W 684 : quoted 1.07 after discount and vat at Audiovsion in mumbai,
95k by beats 99 mumbai, 97k by vector systems hyd

Sorry for long post....

Waiting for your great advices from great people :eek:hyeah:


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Jul 31, 2014
Hi all

This saturday i auditioned few more speakers

wharfedale 155 floor standing speakers for 55k at Ht store
i am was really disappointed its not at all good

wharfedale 10.6 : much better than 155 but costing 62k for old version..
its was good but not to good for house and trance music......
he played a movie but i didn't feel any effect that i am watching movie in HT
10.6 is very tight but doesn't go too loud
the avr he was using is denon 2000
overall: 6/10

Energy cf 50: was good, it was really loud i enjoyed the movie
but i think its kind of bright
please help me out whether energy is good
but for me overall 7/10


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Oct 6, 2012
1. Since you are looking at both movies and music the general opinion around here is to try Dali. Zensor 7 or 5 are good value for money is what people say.
2. If i were you, i'd have gone for the larger room for obvious reasons. But few weeks ago i went to a demo room that was nicely done but pretty small and it was great. I think they had similar dimensions as you - with a 100 inch screen i guess.
3. For projector screen you can get a grandview manual pull down for about 14k (120"). Fixed screen would be hassle free but you might have to take help from your carpenters. People here have got screen material from "Carl's place" (google) and built their own frame.
Good luck


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Jun 2, 2014
Noida / Bhubaneswar
I would also suggest you, as your 50% usage wil be music. Try auditioning Dali Zensor 5 or 7. I am sure you will like it. I am not making you more consfued by adding more to your list, but whats the issue in trying a audition.


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Sep 20, 2012
Before you finalize your speakers you must audition the Zensor series from Dali. The Zensor 7 would serve your purpose very well for both movies and music.
As a thumb rule in this forum if you read different threads then you will find that Marantz AVRs musically fare quite well, so that can be a good option for you. Try to audition Marantz with Dali, if the combo is not available for audition even then do audition the Dalis.
Pioneer AVRs have grown in reputation in the last couple of years, and so have the Onkyos. Onkyos offer great value for the price paid, so I suppose you still have quite a bit of auditioning to do!
Perfect for audiophiles wanting both excellent music quality and flexible operation.