USED speakers under - 100 K

Dear friend if you want a set of Quadral Rubin MK II, I can help. See the speccs at the website given below, It is german. If you like, it's ofcource 2nd hand will cost you 35,000/- ex kolkata. I can't deliver it to you. You have to make arrangement.

keep me informed at [email protected]

Alternativey you can also have the following -

Following tower speaker - 1 pair - new at disposal at Rs.30,000/- ex calcutta.

Please see the product at the below site-

Bass 6.5" 2x165mm KEVLAR
Tweeter 25mm silk dome
Power 20-150 wrm
Nominal Impedance 6ohm
Sensitivity 86dB for 2.83v at 1m
Frequency 30-20k
Dimensions 213x900x295
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I want to buy a speaker that has a list price of Rs. 2,50,000/-
Used & then selling @ 100/- K or less.

I am looking for a mid-fi product.
I do not want entry-fi.

Thanks for your kind attention and offer. It is appreciated by me.


please check out the Cadence range....
the Annina speakers well cost about 1.16 will be great and awesome....[email protected]

Hi Allwyn !

Thanks for that.

However, the model you suggested is discontinued.
The replacement is a lovely looking speaker. I forget the name. The web site does not have the name or the details either.

It has not been updated for the ;ast 4 years.

What I need is a 2.5 Lac list price product @ 100 K second hand.

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