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Sep 23, 2007
Hi Guys,

Here's something very interesting and unique solution that I came across !!
Copy your vinyl to CD with TEAC's LP-R400 turntable CD recorder

Have you got a stash of old vinyl records at home that you don't listen to any more? If so, this handy device from TEAC could be the answer to your prayers.
The TEAC LP-R400 turntable CD recorder and tuner can copy your vinyl direct to CD, keeping your records pristine and enabling you to expand your CD collection.
The device costs 299 in the UK, and uses blank CD-R and CD-RW discs. It also has an AM/FM tuner with a backlit, digital display and has an line input for connecting other devices to record from Off-course no digital in or optical( which should've been an extremely good option).

The three-speed turntable runs at 33, 45 and 78 rpm and has an auto-return function when the record stops playing. Power output from the stereo speakers is 2 x 3.5w, and there's a headphone jack if you want to listen in private.
Automatic and manual track increment control is standard, as is a remote control, recording level control and a recording level indicator. The CD player includes program, shuffle and repeat functions.

Looks like a winner to me what do you guys say ??



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This could be a nice side business oppy for a dealer-get this rig & offer LP owners a chance to get their LP's transferred to CDs at a reasonable charge.

Yes I do agree 100% with what you say, there's absolutely no question of replacing the good old vinyl !! No way one can or will do (atleast not anyone I know).

This unit is meant for having all your collections in backup media or for making a copy to play on your car or to for several other purposes

Before this unit you had to go through one hell to convert an LP into a good sounding CD !! but with this is walk in the park !!

Good point, the utility of the device is quite high and may be useful for making copies for others or even for a car's CD player or mp3.

Thats exactly what I meant !! I mean where else you do find a more convenient all in one machine ?? and thats the precise reason why I call it a winner !!

I myself have done what all to get an LP into with reasonable sound quality ( 100% transfer is ruled out as we all know !!) but had tuff time doing so !! As I said Hope to find soon in India !!

hi soundsgreat ,

Very interesting equipment , but transfering the LPs to CDs can give us the ease of use , but we are sacrificing the quality . After hearing in TT its hard to hear in Cds, but as Particle man said we can use this device to store our LPs and have it as a backup. incase something happens to LPs.

HI David,

Thanks for reading the Post, If you read the post properly I've very clearly mentioned the use and purpose of this machine

I did this before particleman did and to be honest Am the one who cleared his doubt aswell.So no offense but please my read it again let me know what you think.