Wall mounts for Satellites (@ Hyd or outside Hyd)


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Apr 2, 2009
Hyd, India
I am desperately searching for wall mounts to mount my 3 satellites (part of Onkyo SKS-HT240 package) and couldn't get any decent ones so far. Am looking for ones which will let me mount the speakers away from the wall (5cm minimum) and also have the tilt and swivel mechanism. I did search most of the shops in Koti, Hyd and also Vector, Croma @ Hyd, but no luck yet. I do not want to mount them flush on the wall as I need to align them at an angle post mounting.

The speakers' dimensions are 12"H*5"W*4"D, 1.6kg/3.5lb and has a 1/4" machine nut thread at the back for screwing in a wall mount nut.

Something like this will work, but I am not sure if these are made of metal (plastic/nylon may break) and also whether it comes with a 1/4" nut.

I am also considering these B-Tech BT-33 and planning to get these (in black) thru a friend in UK, if I don't get anything locally. Any feedback on these mounts specifically or any better options that I could get from US/UK?

Members in Hyd - please suggest any other locations/shops that I should look at for these mounts.

I am open to consider any other options (including radical ones), suggestions, DIY models etc. etc. Sources out of Hyd who will ship across are also welcome.

Thanks for your help.
hi skumar!

check out with torvin in chennai. i had seen some decent wall mounts with them some time back. 044 28587256/65734288/43227256

You can try USK electronics- Babukhan Mall at Panjagutta.

USK Electronics - INDIA . Currently they are not stocking any of these.

But you can place order and get it. (there will be a delay of 2 weeks.)
Better talk to Mr Chandrashekhar (9396556197).

They have display pieces in the showroom.( I have ordered BS speaker stand and waiting for it).
I'm from Hyderabad and i conjured up a DIY wallmount!.Works perfect and has tilt and swivel function and costed only 50rs/peice. All the stuff is available in ranigunj and 100 odd bucks was spent in a lathe shop to get the finished product.

If your interested in DIY types then i could help you out.
Scarface - thanks for the offer, I sent you a PM.

Prakash - the RoyalLook mounts need a speaker of 15cm width minimum, mine are only 13cm wide :-( The hunt is on...
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