Wallet burning...help us to get an inexpensive LCD experience


Sep 13, 2008
hi guys,
I have been riding along with a 25 in BPL CRT for a long time now. I have been investigating the state of LCD tvs and I think I would like one with a 100hz screen, since that is probably the most important for a headache-free, eyestrain-free experience. I am genetically exempt of the ability to distinguish a 10000:1 vs 5000:1 contrast.

I would have loved to get a 26 in version of the Panasonic 32LX700 - popularly considered as one of the best in its generation. I would also have loved to have a IPS screen, also considered one of the best in terms of viewing angles. One HDMI is good enough for my lonely PS3 - DishTV can get the component input all to itself.

The option of the AKAI LCD tv with its 7-year warranty is tantalizing (as posted by a fellow member). But I dont know if it is the best option in 26 inch where economics dictate that the highest-end TV models fall within my budget (approx 25 K... 30K on a stretch).

Now, I dont think I can buy 32 in TVs. If today you had to buy a 26 in TV with blur-free as the number one criteria, which one would you choose?

Sony Bravia 26" from S Series and T Series are good choices. Menu system is deep and looks nice. Lot of options to customise viewing. Also look at LG 26" but the black levels are not as good as Sony Bravia. Both are good at upscaling SD content.

If you want cheaper 32", wait for at least 6 months. But before going for an LCD keep in mind that all LCD TVs are poor in sound quality compared to any decent CRT.
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