Wannabe audiophile!


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Aug 7, 2009
I know..I know..i will probably get rapped on my knuckles for starting a new thread on the same topic..all Im asking is a re-affirmation that Im on the right track to become a serious audiophile
So here I go out all over again..with your help I will start the new year with a bang :sos:

- brand new to audiophile terms and technology! All that I have learnt so far is thanks to the discussion threads in this forum
- hoping to start with a scalable setup with a 25-30 K budget (some flexibility here). Perfectly ok for used equipment
- system purely for experiencing music at low volume (instrumental such as Flute to rock such as Pink Floyd, Aerosmith)
- input primarily from CD's / laptop and may plug WorldSpace some time later. do not intend to use the existing Philips 2.1 home theater system
- drawing room setup ; very open ( with large windows and nice breeze!) but low on ambient noise; size 21X12 ft

going by the inputs from different threads, guess this is what i can start with -
- Norge 2060 amp
- Warfdale 9.1 speakers

Heres where I need more help
- need a decent quality input should I go for normal DV Players such as Philips/ Pioneer ? any other option?
- should I need a Receiver?
- will i need a sub woofer?
- do you advice for a separate AM/FM tuner as im keen on experiencing some radio too!
- how can i have a demo of Norge amps with Wharfedale speakers in Blore
- any leeds on sourcing used equipment in Blore
- will book shelf deliver quality same as floor speakers?
- any links which can provide me more basic knowledge (for a beginner) including positioning of speakers

Thanks much folks..you helped me pickup my PV8..:signthankspin: now need your help with setting up my Audio equipment
Hello Ani,

As a bare minimum, try not to take the dvdp route if your requirements are going to be mainly stereo purposes. You could consider the CA340C or CD5001 - both are good enough entry level cdps from reputed brands.

Alternatively, why not consider a good dac like the Beresford Caiman? You can utilize your laptop as well as your existing dvdp as transports for the time being. Later if you must, you can save more and invest in a dedicated cdp, though i seriously doubt the need for one!

Happy auditions.
The other day I had visited psychotropic's house with my old Alpha B1s with the express idea of doing a small comparo with his Usher S520s. We probably spent about an hour doing it. The difference was not too huge. The Alpha B1s were more sensitive, yes. The S520's had a fuller sound to them. I can see how different people might prefer different presentations. The PSBs are slightly forward speakers - in that vocals precede the rest of the instruments and with the wrong amplification can sound shrill. On the other hand I did not quite like the S520 paired with the NADs as both the components have a bias towards warmth and fullness. A bit of naturality lost, is what I thought.

Overall I guess me or psychotropic could have lived with either speaker. I just happened to prefer the Alpha B1s a wee bit and he the S520s a wee bit! No surprises there. What I thought both of us agreed on was that there was not a Rs. 10,000 worth of difference between the two speakers.

Of course this cannot be conclusively said based on one small audition. We probably need to see how the speakers scale when used with better chains - amplification, source et al. But these were my initial impressions. Maybe psychotropic could post his thoughts when he gets a chance.
Rip all your music to an external hard disk connected to your laptop, and use a nice USB DAC with a line-out.

Do the popular USB DACs in the market need a driver? Will there be linux compatibility issues?

thanks rajanravi..very practical suggestion
btw..love the equipment listed in your signature ..i will have them too one fine day :yahoo:
hi, Listen before u buy. forum threads all can give u a certain inputs:) what A likes may not be of Bs choice. it goes like this collect the input short list the products go find a place listen to them. handle the amp urself try listening in home condition as u dont live in a pub or a club no need to rev vol to max and listen. Only to test the amp u can rev vol to max. keep the val half tell the sales guy to shutup ask him to switch off the source dvd go near to the speaker listen to the hum or any hiss. try buying a amp with loudness on/off option which will help u listening in low vol. All the best.:clapping:

hi rajanravi,

re that barak missile system - do you use the four pod or the six pod? - personally feel the six pod is cumbersome, and the four pod is value for (kill) money.
For excellent sound that won't break the bank, the 5 Star Award Winning Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Bookshelf Speakers is the one to consider!