Want to buy a 29" CRT TV


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Oct 16, 2009
I came across this forum while searching on the net for TV reviews.This is a great place to discuss AV related subjects.

Now please bear with my request please as among all these LCD, Plasmas, LEDs I am asking about CRT TV :) .
I want to buy a 29" CRT TV since I can't afford a LCD/Plasma TV now. I believe there are good deals for CRTs and would help from you to get the best 29"CRT. My budget is about 15K max so please let me know what options I have.

BTW I am from Blr.

There is already similar thread on this forum,click search & type 29 in CRT,you should get it.
I recommend Philips pixel plus & LG though.
I would suggest Samsung Ultra Slim Fit, they look really neat and come in black finish. I would defintely go for them if I were in your place pal. Check it out

Samsung Ultra Slim Fit


dont go for bulky CRTs
go with ultra slim fit
I'll suggest U ONIDA. I have a samsung 29 bulky(got in exchange for 10 yr old onida) at home
the ckt board is gone with in year and has been replaced for 4000 rs
and its not performing the same way as before:sad:
its my personal experience and voltage fluctuations in my apartment were more at that time.But i didn't switch it off(as my fav program was being aired:p) becas of my experience with 10 yr old onida which performed well in all kind of voltage fluctuations.And not a single problem:thumbsup:
Why don't you go for a used 29" CRT? a 2-3yr old TV will come cheap and will last you a few years.
Save money and upgrade to a LCD later.

Slim or not go for a Philips Television. They don't sell the Pixel Plus series anymore but their TV are the best (In my view)
With my limited knowledge, slim CRT will not last. The old bulky ones with long tubes are the best to go for if you want decade long performance.
Hi Sparky,
My experience on 29" below:
1. I have LG Slimline 29" (29FU3AG). Immaculate finish and looks great in living room, however I noticed one problem that got resolved after replacement.
2. The first TV delivered had Degaussing problem (I saw permanent cloudy patches on some parts of screen). The service technician tried Deguassing using TV button and an external instrument, but could not get rid of It.
3. Agonizing chain of followup with LG resulted in another piece delivered after one month. This time again TV showed the same problem, though to a lesser extent. After similar attempts from service guy the problem reduced, and after a month of use these patches are gone now.
4. However if my TV displays a flat color image for a long time (for example a pure white screen generated by DVD menu page) these patches start coming back. They go away after regular DVD movie plays for one hour.
NOTE: The possibility of magnetic interference from surroundings (speakers etc.) causing Degaussing was ruled out by LG service guy after checking my TV installation)

Suggestion: If possible please check TV image showing pure white screen, BEFORE you purchase the TV. (You can take the attached white image jpg file on a CD and view it on desired TV thru a DVD player capable of jpg display). If you see any patches on screen, don't buy that model.



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