Want to buy a system but all confused !!!


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May 19, 2009
Buying my 1st system with your help !!!

Dear All,

I am a complete novice to the hi-fi system world. In fact terms, terms like AVR, sub woofers, etc is something that I am still familiarizing myself with !!!

So I can see of no better way than to ask advice of people who the best. I therefore seek your knowledge and advice on buying my 1st system. Looking forward to all your replies !!!

My requirements are follows:

1. Budget: Around 50k 60k (including installation)

2. Usage: (a) 80% for listening to music (including MP3s downloaded from internet) and 20% for watching movies
(b) Having the option to expand to a home theatre would be good
(c) Wouldnt mind having a good sounding system for listening to music that could also be used for a reasonably good movie watching experience.

3. Room Size: 16 feet x 14 feet (225 sft)

4. Other information: (a) I am looking for clarity and depth in sound which makes my listening experience a pleasure. Not into heavy metal or music with a lot of bass.
(b) As a novice, I wouldnt want a system which is very confusing to operate.

Keeping in the mind the above requirement, please advise on:

(a) Whether I should go in for a floor stand speaker or a book shelf or even the regular system from Sony (or related brands) would suffice ?
(b) Should I go for a 2.0 or 2.1 or 5.1 ?
(c) Source of music PC with sound card or a player (from denon, yahama, etc) ?
(d) Looking at my requirement and based on your knowledge, please suggest the final system configuration, and the make & model of the suggested configuration

Thank you so much !!! (btw I am based in Bangalore)
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First of all, welcome abroad!

Second, search the forum. You will find fellow members here asking more or less the same queries almost every day.

Third, if you don't want to get out of your 'bliss' and save yourself sometime, just get an avr from Cambridge, Marantz or Denon (in that order of preference for musicality) that you can afford and pair them with the Diamonds 9 based HT (9.1/9CS/9DFS/SW150) Should fit in your budget and is easily available in Bangalore. May be you can add a WDTV as well. For listening to downloaded mp3 and occasional dvd rips, this is good enough. Later if your funds permit, you can add a cdp or hifi amp.

Happy auditions. Cheers.
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